What advantage do farms have in hosting smart workers for free?
Numerous cases of similar models (1) have shown that, in the face of a gift or a gesture of kindness (in this case free hospitality), the most widespread reaction is the desire to repay debt, with induced gains for those who do the gift.For this purpose, "support packages" have been "linked" to free stays, so to allow guests to financially support the farm.And to the latter to: (a) generate a profit, also by virtue of possible additional purchases by the guest during the stay and over time; (b) promote its business and its products by word of mouth; (c) fill in "slots" hitherto underused (weekdays and low season).

(1) “Theory of Pleasurable Surprise”: Previous research has also demonstrated the beneficial effects of surprise on consumer choice. Unexpected in-store coupons increase the overall number and dollar value of unplanned purchases, whether utilitarian or hedonic (Heilman et al., 2002). (…). Finally, unexpected results, combined with delight, pleasure, joy, or elation increases both customer loyalty (Oliver, Rust and Varki 1997) and positive word-of-mouth (Berman 2005).

“Pleasurable Surprises: A Cross-Cultural Study of Consumer Responses to Unexpected Incentives” – 02/2010

Ana Valenzuela

Barbara Mellers
University of Pennsylvania

Judi Strebel


Once a "support package" has been selected, are smart workers obliged to make the purchase?
No, the selection of a "support package" in the stage of requesting the availability of an "accomodation package" is not definitive. The purchase is finalized when the actual booking takes place, once the dates are agreed between smart workers and the farm. If, for various reasons, the parties do not agree, smart workers can obviously decline the purchase of the "support package".

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