Remote working, fine living & farm supporting packages
in wonderful italian "borghi"

Go guest and work remotely from a farmhouse.
In return, support it!

About Borgo Office

Borgo Office offers digital nomads "remote working, fine living and farm supporting" packages at charming farmhouses in marvellous Italian borghi*. The packages include accommodation + km 0 food and wine excellences + exclusive experiences on the spot.
{* borgo (noun - masculine): small italian village or an assemblage of old farmhouses built around a castle, usually dating back to medieval times and deeply rooted in the local history, culture and landscape.}

Choose a borgo on the map (PLEASE NOTE: once you land on the page of the selected borgo, switch language to english)

"Away from the cities: in the old borghi
there is our future"

Stefano Boeri
Architect and Urbanist

In the spotlight

borgo micciano 2
Micciano, time stands still in the Maremma hills
borgo viano 4
Viano, the medieval house in the Emilian countryside
borgo corleone 3
Corleone, agri-wellness in chic chalets
borgo cessole 3
Cessole, wine boxes in the Langhe Unesco World Heritage
borgo montemarzino tree hugging
Montemarzino, rediscover well-being with tree hugging

How Borgo Office works

1 scegli borgo e azienda agricola

1 - Choose the borgo and the farmhouse
Discover the "borghi" and farmhouses on the map
or in our continuously updated special offers

2 smart working facilities borgo e azienda agricola

2 - Discover the "remote working facilities"
in the host farmhouse
Find out what the farmhouse offers
in terms of facilities for the remote working sessions:
Wi-Fi, printer, workdesk with a view...

3 coltivazioni azienda agricola

3 - Discover the crops and products
of the host farmhouse and its experiences on the spot

Find out what the farm grows and produces
and its inhouse experiences.

4 prenota e inizia soggiorno

4 - Book and start your
“remote working, fine living & farm supporting” workation

Support the host farmhouse
by buying a "support package":
each package is associated 
to a different length of stay.

Why book with Borgo Office

For over 10 years we have been developing disruptive solutions related to the world of work: with Borgo Office we have added a new solution for our large network of remote workers and digital nomads, facilitating a modus operandi for the benefit of all those involved.

Workation in a charming farmhouse

Remote working with all the necessary facilities

Km 0 food and wine excellences

Exclusive experiences on the spot

Financial support to the farm business

Support to the revitalization of the host "borghi"

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