What advantage do farms have in hosting smart workers with Borgo Office?
Borgo Office has several advantages for the farms that take part to the circuit:
1 - It is entirely populated by medium to high-end professionals (freelancers, executives, entrepreneurs ...), the ideal target for welcoming remote working tourists.
2 - It allows to fill in hitherto underused "slots": weekdays and low season.
3 - Through the "support packages" formula, it allows farms to promote their food and wine excellences, also for future repurchases of the guest himself or his family, friends and acquaintances thanks to "word of mouth".

Are there commercial solutions to increase the sale of support packages?
Yes, there is a B2B business unit aimed at companies, thanks to which it is possible to sell “voucher packs” of 10, 20 and 50 packages. For more information, drop a line to info@borgo-office.it and we'll get in touch with you.


Once a "support package" has been selected, are smart workers obliged to make the purchase?
No, the selection of a "support package" in the stage of requesting the availability of an "accommodation package" is not definitive. The purchase is finalized when the actual booking takes place, once the dates are agreed between smart workers and the farm. If, for various reasons, the parties do not agree, smart workers can obviously decline the purchase of the "support package".

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